Adelaide Town Hall South Australia

Adelaide Town Hall, South Australia

In the 1980’s, the whole complex of the Adelaide Town Hall underwent a major refurbishment. Gary Lancaster, director of Lancaster Painters Australia, was a member of the heritage painting and decorating team who performed heritage reconstruction work to the interior of the Adelaide Town Hall. As the original paintwork and decorative finishes from the 1800’s had been painted over with white paint, paint scrapings involving sensitive paint stripping were performed to reveal the original heritage colours and designs underneath. These samples were provided to the Adelaide City Council for record keeping purposes. Extensive preparation work included filling and sanding down of the surfaces to a smooth finish. Surfaces were repainted in both oil-base and acrylic-based paints to match the original heritage colour scheme. In order to match the original decorative finish work, Gary and the team applied gold leaf, different colour glazes, antiquing, picking out of original colours for ceiling roses, and hand painting a faux (fake) marble effect on the columns and their bases as had been originally painted in the 1800’s.

Adelaide Town Hall Reconstruction

In June 2015 Lancaster Painters Australia performed heritage artistic repair and touch up work to decorative features that had been damaged throughout the Adelaide Town Hall. It included the marbleised finish to the bases of the columns, the hand painted wood grain effect to the plaster coffers, and the hand painting of decorative garlands. For more information and photos of the work, click here.

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