Collection and Use of Personal Information

Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd only collects personal information necessary for us to carry out our functions and activities such as:

  • to supply you with goods or services that you have requested;
  • to process a request for a quote made via our website, by telephone, fax or email;
  • to provide you with information you have requested from us.

The types of personal information that Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd collects generally includes your name, telephone number, email address and address (a partial address is accepted – ie. suburb, state and postcode. As we provide an Australia-wide service, this aids in knowing which state and suburb you are from). For quote requests, we collect the job address.

If it is reasonable and practicable to do so, and only with your consent, Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd may collect personal information directly from you in order to process your request for information or a quotation for your job. Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd will not collect any information about you from any third party without your permission, and will only do so if it is necessary in providing you with the service or information that you are requesting. Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd will not sell or rent your personal information to any third party.

No records of your visit to our Web site are made and no information from your browser including your IP address the date and time of you visit, the pages accessed, documents downloaded and the type of browser used are tracked or recorded.


Cookies downloaded from our site may be deleted. To find out how, please follow this link: About Cookies.

Quality and Security of your Personal Information

15Your personal information is protected from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by a range of security measures including computer network security systems, restricted access and firewalls. Information submitted via the contact forms on our website is submitted via our secure server which uses standard technology to ensure your information is kept private.

With respect to your privacy options, on request by you, or when your personal information is no longer required for our response to your request for information or goods and services, Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd will delete all relevant personal information from our records including our backup systems.

Receiving Email and Other Correspondence

Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd does not provide users with on-going communication or email from us unless requested by or agreed to by the user. We do not run marketing campaigns or surveys. We only send users information on current products or services on request by the user.